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Verbal jabs could cost you money in divorce

In a prior post, we highlighted how social media comments could be harmful while made in the context of a divorce. Essentially, parents battling over custody of a child could really do themselves a disservice by broadcasting rants as if they were Leann Rimes railing on about Brandi Glanville. It is worth noting that disparaging comments may also affect a party’s eligibility to recover assets in a dispute over marital property.

While paying for child care may be difficult after divorce

These days, financial advisors recommend that new parents start saving for college as soon as they can. Basically, the sooner the parents begin saving, the more the compound interest will help defray the costs of a future college education. However, there are significant barriers that parents will have to navigate; with one of them being the costs of child care.

It’s no secret that the cost of such care has grown over the last few years. However, a recent report produced by the Washington Post puts the increase in perspective. 

Why you should be careful about social media use in a divorce

A generation ago, it was inconceivable that a person could communicate with thousands of people at the same time with a simple post or picture. Indeed, a number of people could be reached through email, but the advent of social media has increased the reach of communication ten-fold. Because of this, people going through a divorce (or a nasty custody dispute) may be tempted to air their dirty laundry.

While it may feel therapeutic, it may ultimately lead to unfavorable results in court. Essentially, social media posts can be used as evidence in divorce and custody proceedings. Courts can find these pieces of evidence reliable because they are basically statements made in real-time, which is why they are deemed to be genuine. 

Apps that can make co-parenting easier

Technology has made our lives easier in so many facets, it is certainly plausible that it can make post-divorce life simpler as well. After all, many parents struggle with the beginnings of a new life without the other parent, so they may end up trying to do many things on their own that they did not have to be responsible for while they were married. As such, there are many time-saving apps that new divorcees, as well as potential divorcees, should be aware of. We will share them through this post.

Important considerations for tax filing before divorce

The next two weeks will be littered with sleepless nights for most accountants. The federal tax filing deadline is quickly approaching and many people who are considering divorce may be unsure of how they will file their taxes, and are unsure of what the consequences will be.

For those expecting tax return refunds, deciding how to divide a windfall may be easy. For those who owe taxes, this could be yet another thing to fight about as divorce appears near. In the meantime, it is best to prepare for this year’s taxes, and a recent Forbes article notes some important points for potential divorcees to consider. We highlight some of the points here.

'Conscious uncoupling' more than just a phrase

Gwyneth Paltrow's announcement that she and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin will engage in a "conscious uncoupling" was likely met with genuine dismay and a sense of annoyance. Paltrow already has a reputation in Hollywood, and possibly among fans, for thinking that she is better than others, so the "uncoupling" title probably is not doing her any favors.

However, divorce experts and analysts suggest that the title suggests that Paltrow and Martin have decided on an amicable path for dissolving their marriage that will be a benefit to their children. Both are very public figures, and it is not uncommon for domestic disputes to become public; especially given how the public has grown accustomed to seeing people behave badly.

How to avoid financial problems during a divorce

Dealing with finances is one of the troubling emotional issues that must be dealt with during a divorce. After all, heartbreak is difficult enough to deal with; adding financial issues is like adding insult to injury. If you are going through a divorce, there are several ways to avoid the financial pain that can come about. This post will provide some helpful tips.

Bill could prohibit dating during divorce

In a prior post, we highlighted the problems that can come about when a divorcing parent initiates or participates in a relationship where a significant other spends the night. Essentially, we noted that it could affect the custody evaluation process and raise tensions with the other parent.

Apparently this sentiment is being raised on the legislative level. A Massachusetts state senator is proposing a bill that would ban divorcing parents from having sexual relations in the family home while going through a divorce

How dating during divorce can cause custody problems

It is not uncommon for people going through a divorce to find comfort in another person. This person may start out as someone who is merely a shoulder to cry on or to vent about troubling things about the divorce, but he or she may develop into something more. When a relationship turns intimate, and the person stays the night, the divorce may get complicated if there are children involved.

There are a number of things that can go wrong when this happens. If a custody evaluation is conducted, chances are that the evaluator will want to know as much as they can about this person. The red flags that may come with the person (i.e. drinking habits, smoking habits) could compromise your parenting time schedule. 

More prenups including infidelity clauses

Prenuptial agreements are not exclusively for wealthy celebrities, especially considering how they are used and the “interesting” clauses that have trickled down to everyday couples. For instance, so-called “lifestyle clauses” which can regulate how often a spouse’s in-laws may visit, which spouse is responsible for certain chores, or even weight limit clauses are being used in prenuptial agreements.

Perhaps the most popular lifestyle clause has to do with infidelity. Essentially, parties intending to marry may decide to include certain financial penalties if a spouse cheats. A rumored part of her prenup with Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel is likely to pocket $500,000 if Justin strays during their marriage. Also, Catherine Zeta-Jones is suspected to have a similar clause in her agreement with Michael Douglas.

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