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Man who beat wife during divorce hearing held without bail

About two months ago, we wrote a post about a man who beat his wife in front of a judge. That man is currently being held in jail without bond for aggravated battery. Although his case garnered a lot of media attention, most cases of domestic violence in Washington are less well-known.

In this case, the man became highly agitated after being told by the judge that he would have to pay child support and that he would only be allowed to have scheduled visits with his children. He lunged at his wife and beat her severely. Deputies in the courtroom had to use a stun gun to end the attack.

The woman was transported to the hospital where she was treated for swelling of the brain and for fractures of the nose and jaw. She also sustained two black eyes in the incident.

The man claims to have no memory of having attacked his wife. She also cannot remember the incident.

Sadly, that was not their first violent interaction. Prior to that, the woman had received text messages from her husband that threatened her safety. She also reported having been pushed and shoved by her husband a number of times during the course of their relationship.

Attorneys for the husband assured the judge that the attack was a one-time occurrence caused by the extreme emotional circumstances. They insisted that the husband would not pose a danger to his wife going forward and that he would follow any directives given by the court.

The judge, concerned about the woman's safety, refused to let the man out on bail and ordered him jailed until a hearing on the assault charge could be held. If convicted, the man could receive up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, "No bond for man accused of beating wife at divorce hearing," Tonya Alanez, 6 June 2011

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