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Domestic violence accusations taint couples' wedding night

For a family, few things have a larger impact on relationships than accusations of domestic violence. When violence is an actual threat to individuals in Vancouver, it is important for the police to respond.

However, there are numerous situations in which the police are called out of rage or anger. In some situations, even when no one has been seriously injured or threatened, the police may still arrest and jail someone on domestic violence charges.

Sadly, that is the reality one couple faced the first morning of their honeymoon.

The couple spent the evening partying together at a hotel before going to a nightclub. When they were at the club, the husband became angry with his wife when she started dancing with another man. He left, and she followed him out shortly.

When she caught up with him, she allegedly pushed him and bit his shoulder. Then, when the couple arrived at their home, she allegedly ripped his shirt off, threw water at him and bit him again. At that point, it is not clear what the couple was fighting about, though the wife was reportedly drunk.

The next morning, the police received a 911 call from the couple's home. When they arrived, the husband was holding his wife down, and she was yelling for help.

Although she told police that the bite marks on her husband were from "fooling around," she was arrested for domestic violence. The husband went with his wife to her bond hearing, and he asked the judge to be lenient on his wife. He told the judge that she may have acted out because she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The judge set the woman's bond at $4,500 and ordered her to stay away from alcohol and her husband.

Source: SunSentinel.com, "Lighthouse Point woman accused of domestic violence hours into marriage," Danielle A. Alvarez, 21 June 2011

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