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September 2011 Archives

Three ways to help your child survive a divorce

Divorce can be hard on children, especially with difficult child custody agreements that involve supervised visitation and disproportionate visitation rights. Courts in Washington regularly use three essential guidelines when determining whether joint child custody is appropriate - one of which is the demonstrated participation that both parents have shown in the past towards their child's well-being.

Timing divorce so you have a financial advantage after the process

By the time you decide to file for divorce, you may be ready to end your marriage and move on with your life immediately. However, when you are thinking about divorce, there are several financial elements to consider. Timing your divorce in a way that is favorable to your finances can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Jon Cryer ordered to pay child support even though he has custody

Many of our Washington readers are familiar with the T.V. show "Two and a Half Men." In many recent news stories involving members of the show's cast, we have seen instances of life imitating art in the form of domestic and family law disputes. Most of those stories have involved the show's former star, Charlie Sheen. However, the show's other star, Jon Cryer, has recently made the news because of his own child support case.

Positive movies can help children address divorce

Washington residents who have decided that divorce is the best course of action for their family may nonetheless find themselves concerned about the impact the separation might have on their children. It can be hard for kids, especially younger ones, to envision the post-divorce future if they have nothing on which to model their expectations.

McCourts' divorce proceedings to linger through 2012

As we have touched on in previous posts, Frank and Jamie McCourt have had one of the most public and costly divorces in recent years, and it's not going to be over anytime soon. Who gets what assets - and the fate of the Los Angeles Dodgers - will be decided at a trial next spring or summer. The divorce proceedings are expected to last a month to 45 days.

Approaching prenuptial agreements in a healthy manner, part 2

We have written about prenuptial agreements in several posts. We discussed whether Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries would sign an agreement before getting married, and we wrote about what the lack of a prenuptial agreement would mean for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.

In Washington, getting divorced does not mean you are broken

For Washington residents, divorce, which occurs in nearly half of all marriages, can be a painful and traumatic experience. While a divorce is difficult, trying to keep a failed relationship going may be even more challenging. When things aren't working, it may be better to end a relationship instead of trying to continually patch things up.

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