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November 2011 Archives

Parents lose custody of 3 kids who were starved to prevent fatness

It doesn't matter what media you turn to, it seems as though every company and celebrity is pushing weight loss methods. Typically, the advertisements in Washington are geared toward adults, and the messaging implies that being slender will help you find the perfect mate, achieve higher professional success and be generally happier.

Protecting a family-run business from divorce

Although divorces can rip family-run businesses apart, individuals who take the necessary steps can help preserve their ownership of the business, and they can help ensure their businesses emerge from the separation unscathed.

Surviving the holidays post-divorce

The holidays can be a wonderful time of year. In addition to the great shopping sales and delicious food, there seems to be a constant tone of happiness and cheer. While that may be comforting for many people, it can be difficult for people who are working through the divorce process or who are recently divorced.

Asset protection in a blended family

Blended families are becoming increasingly common, but combining two families poses a unique financial challenge. Parents typically want to ensure that children from their first marriage receive a hefty inheritance, but their spouse may want the same for their own children. It can be difficult to impartially divide assets among the family in such cases, but Washington residents who are divorced and remarried have access to several tools and resources that can make the process easier.

Bieber second guy to face paternity suit from alleged son's mom

Children are a big a responsibility, and some parents spend years saving money and getting ready to have kids. However, even when that doesn't happen, there are still expectations that both parents will help raise the child. Paternity and child support are designed to help parents understand their obligations to the child and the other parent.

VAWA: Preventing domestic violence or enabling dishonest parties?

Soon after a high-profile murder case, Congress enacted legislation called the Violence Against Woman Act, aimed at preventing domestic violence and providing extra funding for the investigation and prosecution of offenders. But a report by non-profit group Stop Abusive and Violent Environments revealed that over 700,000 people are arrested on false domestic violence charges every year.

Experts say Kardashian brand will not be hurt by divorce

After a televised wedding ceremony that is estimated to have cost around $10 million, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from her husband. She issued a statement to the media, in which she explained the decision was difficult to make, but that "sometimes things don't work out as planned." Her husband, professional basketball play Kris Humphries of the NBA, said he was shocked to learn of his wife's plans, but he has not commented further on the matter.

The first legal details about Kim Kardashian's divorce

This past summer, individuals throughout Washington were captivated by the whirlwind romance between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Either captivated by the romance, hooked to the gossip as a guilty pleasure, or unable to escape the news plastered on every tabloid. Whatever category you fall in, you likely knew about the wedding and had opinions about it.

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