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December 2011 Archives

Want to divorce, but afraid of high litigation bills?

Washington offers two alternatives to litigious divorce: collaborative divorce and mediation. Of the two, mediation is usually less expensive. Collaborative divorce could be cheaper than litigating divorce, but because you have meetings with your attorney, your spouse's attorney and your spouse, the billable hours can add up quickly if you cannot come to an agreement.

Protect your finances: Avoid these 3 mistakes during divorce

When couples begin preparing for divorce, it's easy for both individuals to stop investing as much energy into maintaining the family's finances. As each individual tries to establish a new life, both people may neglect the bills and financial obligations they share.

What social skills do children pick up during divorce?

Many people talk about the ill effects that divorce has on children. Watching parents split up and having what could be an inconsistent living arrangement is definitely tough on children in divorced families in Washington. However, through these trials, children are forced to adopt a set of constructive skills and characteristics.

Creating new holiday traditions with your kids after divorce

This time of year is filled with traditions. Families throughout Clark County create special ways to celebrate the holidays together. Whether it's picking out the perfect Christmas tree, hanging lights or opening presents, all families have traditions. However, when families get divorced, those traditions usually change, and it's important to make sure your parenting plans accommodate for the holidays accordingly.

Finding the right lawyer for your Washington divorce

Some people might think that in order to get everything they want in a divorce, they need to hire a cut-throat lawyer who is not afraid to take off the gloves in court. While an intelligent lawyer who knows the ins and outs of family law is certainly prudent for these situations, spouses will do themselves a world of good to hire a lawyer who is nice and caring to them.

Would an annulment allow Kris Humphries to profit from marriage?

When individuals get married, prenuptial agreements can protect them from the turmoil that often accompanies divorce. For most couples in Clark County, prenuptial agreements discuss the division of property, and they may include arrangements regarding spousal support or child support.

Olympic skier files for divorce

Many people in Washington are filing for divorce. One divorce making headlines throughout the country is of a 27-year-old female Olympic skier, Lindsey Vonn. The Olympian was married in 2007, and is filing for divorce after four years of marriage. She is one of the few winter Olympians to use her success to gain lucrative endorsements. The athletic success reached by the Olympian is unheard of for most females her age.

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