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January 2012 Archives

Should you fight to keep your home after divorce?

Divorce is no easy undertaking. Most couples spend years trying to build their wealth and assets. For some couples, working together to achieve their financial goals can bring them closer together. Unfortunately, because so many emotions are invested to achieve those financial goals, it can be difficult to part with the assets eventually.

Financial infidelity may be indicative of divorce

Some couples believe their spouses are cheating on them if they are secretly using joint bank accounts to purchase unnecessary items or feed unhealthy habits. If financial infidelity is occurring, it may mean that divorce is on the horizon. These feelings of betrayal and outrage occur across the country, including in Washington.

Court rules against teen's knowledge of paternity test

According to an appeals court ruling, a teenager from a southwest suburban family should be told that the man he believes is his biological father really isn't. However, this secret should be kept hidden due to a judge's ruling that both parents be barred from speaking about the situation to the boy. In two years, when the boy turns 18, this ruling will be dissolved.

Washington divorce and child custody wars

Divorce and child custody issues can go smoothly or can be extremely troubling for the children. Parents can help children get used to shuttling back and forth from their homes by being better co-parents -- at least in front of the children. Washington divorce often requires two parents who cannot stand to be in the same room as each other to co-parent in a harmonious fashion.

Is divorce during or just before retirement a bad move?

A wealth advisor states that the quickest way to cut your assets in half is to divorce. Divorcing in Washington near or after retirement often leaves well-off couples fighting to support themselves. Divorce can be especially difficult for the spouse who let the other spouse handle the finances during the marriage.

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