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March 2012 Archives

Protecting the child custody rights of deployed service members

Once a child custody dispute has been resolved, it is difficult to get a court to change that arrangement. This is particularly true in Washington where the law imposes a presumption in favor of continuing the custodial continuity under the existing parenting plan. Unfortunately, that presumption and the practical difficulty of changing an existing court order frequently combine to put military service members who face deployments at an unfair disadvantage in child custody cases.

Is it okay to date during your divorce?

Unless spouses are in more or less complete agreement on all of the issues from the start, getting a divorce usually takes significant time. This is true in Washington; and it is also true in other states. A corollary to this is that the longer it takes to resolve issues involving children, support and property division, the more likely it is that one spouse, the other or both will want to start dating other people before the divorce has been finalized.

Tragedy could change how judges handle child custody issues

The story of the nine-year-old boy who accidentally shot a classmate at his Washington school last month may force the state to reexamine the arrangements judges make for children caught in child custody battles, particularly when it comes to guardianship.

Wife of actor Dennis Quaid files for divorce

Although nasty celebrity divorce battles like the one currently being waged between Kim Kardashian and NBA player Kris Humphries might get better TV ratings and sell more copies of magazines, entertainment-focused media outlets can still be counted on to cover more amicable and less high profile divorce cases too.

Social networking and bigamy don't mix well for Washington man

If you no longer want to be married to your current spouse, your options are limited. You can get a divorce, which is what most people do in this situation. You can also try to get an annulment, provided you meet certain criteria. You might even choose to become legally separated.

Your shopping habits may become evidence in your divorce case

It is not a surprising revelation that purchasing habits often change in the wake of a divorce. After all, people who are moving into a new apartment probably need to buy new furniture, dishes, and home décor. And people who are newly single and about to re-enter the dating market may be buying diet foods and exercise equipment.

Kelsey Grammer reaches custody agreement with ex-wife

After a long and bitter battle over the custody of their children, actor Kelsey Grammer and his ex-wife, reality television star Camille Grammer , have reportedly reached a child custody agreement. The couple has yet to reach an agreement regarding the division of their finances, which some predict will be the most contentious of the couple's negotiations.

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