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April 2012 Archives

Who pays for your child's college expenses after divorce?

When couples are working through a divorce, they often think about how they will split the assets and the debts they already have. But how many couples think about debt that will be acquired in the future? If you have children and you and your ex are planning on paying for a portion of your child's college education, make sure that is detailed in your divorce decree.

Keep it classy: Divorce lessons from Hollywood stars

Hollywood is home to more than its fair share of divorces, many of which take place in the public eye. Celebrity divorces aren't always pretty, but they are often entertaining. And for individuals going through divorce themselves, a celebrity's divorce can provide helpful information.

Can Facebook, Twitter hurt your credibility during divorce?

These days it seems as though everyone in Clark County participates in online communities. Many people enjoy connecting with family members and friends through Facebook, and Twitter allows individuals to connect with other like-minded individuals. However, if you are going through a divorce, it's important to be mindful about what you post online.

Is virtual visitation a good option for Washington parents?

For many Washington parents, child custody is a major issue during a divorce settlement. It is a known fact that within four years of a divorce, there is a 75 percent chance that one parent will relocate to another area. This often leaves a void in both the child's life and the parent's life. To help combat the effect of relocation on families who are divorced, many states are developing virtual visitation laws.

Thinking like Batman could save your family business during divorce

When most people think about divorce, Batman is not the first thing that comes to mind. Child support, spousal support, asset division, saving the family business -- those things come to mind. But Batman? Who thinks about Batman during divorce?

Sharing custody after divorce? Co-parenting tips for parents.

Co-parenting in the aftermath of a divorce is challenging for many parents. But the real hazards rest with the children. When child custody is split between both parents, it requires balance and consistency on both sides to raise the children healthily.

Mistakes Washington parents make during child custody discussions

There is a common misconception that women have an advantage over men in child custody cases, and in some cases, this could be true. To some degree, the outcome of a child custody case depends on the biases and perceptions of a judge, many of whom hold to the traditional belief that children are better off in the care of their mothers following a divorce.

Landmark domestic violence law up for reauthorization in Senate

The Violence Against Women Act was designed to assist victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. It seems to have worked. In fact, since VAWA's enactment in 1994, domestic violence rates have dropped more than 50 percent. Last year, however, the authorization for this landmark law expired, placing its future and the future of the many vital programs it helped create in doubt.

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