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May 2012 Archives

Talking to your spouse when you're ready to call it quits

For many people in Clark County, divorce means moving out of the marital home, arranging a child custody plan and determining spousal support payments. However, before you can do any of those things, there is one important thing you must do first: Tell your spouse that you want to get divorced.

How can Vancouver residents tell when their marriage is over?

Sometimes, it is quite obvious when your marriage is over, but that is not always the case. Without a doubt, there are plenty of people in the Vancouver area who have wondered if it was time for to go their separate way from their spouse, but were not certain. Ending a marriage is a big step and it is natural that people sometimes want to wait for an irrefutable sign before they make the plunge.

4 things to look for in a Clark County divorce lawyer

Few people look forward to working through the divorce process. Sure, the end result may be something you need, but the process can be emotionally and financially draining. There will be times when it is crucial for your family law attorney to help you make decisions about the most effective way to move forward in your situation.

Your finances may be disappearing at your spouse's hand

Honesty is a rare quality in people going through divorce. Yet many spouses are conned into taking their soon-to-be-exes' words at face value and assume that there's no reason to get lawyers involved. Although some divorces can be handled in that manner, it's impossible to know when your trust will be rewarded and when it will leave you burned.

You wanted a Mother's Day present? You can give me child support.

If you've been to any large store or watched any commercials recently, you probably have a good idea of what marketers think moms want for Mother's Day. Women want flowers, candy, a dinner date or homemade gifts from the children. So why did so many mothers also give something expensive on Mother's Day?

Is divorce in Clark County different when you're older than 50?

A changing trend in American marriages is that the rate of divorces among couples over the age of 50 is on the rise. A variety of reasons are contributing to this change, but regardless of how empowered older individuals might feel, going through divorce later in life is much different than what younger generations might experience.

Can I stay on my ex's health insurance plan after our divorce?

When couples are divorcing, one of the most important things they must decide is how the property will be divided. Some assets can be divided in half, and other assets are only of interest to one spouse. But what do you do with assets that both spouses need and only one spouse can keep?

Technology could make effectively hiding assets a thing of the past

Studies have shown that a lack of financial compatibility is one of the leading causes of divorce. Whether it's different opinions about how money should be spent or a lack of transparency about where it's being spent, financial honesty is critical.

Understanding child custody options during a Clark County divorce

Most divorcing spouses enter their divorce proceedings with solid goals regarding child custody. Many parents in Washington opt to pursue sole custody of their children at the outset of the proceedings, but although this is a common approach, it isn't always a well-informed one.

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