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4 things to look for in a Clark County divorce lawyer

Few people look forward to working through the divorce process. Sure, the end result may be something you need, but the process can be emotionally and financially draining. There will be times when it is crucial for your family law attorney to help you make decisions about the most effective way to move forward in your situation.

To help ensure you receive the representation you need, there are several things you should look for in a divorce attorney in Washington. Your attorney should:

Know all aspects of family law: Divorce is just one part of family law, but it will likely not be the only element of family law in which you need help. You may need to create or modify parenting plans, divide your property or change the ownership of your family business. A good attorney should have experience with many aspects of family law.

Have a working knowledge of other areas of law: Some people hope that the y will be able to work through the divorce process without impacting any other areas of their lives. In reality, that's probably not how it will work, and you need an attorney who can provide effective legal counsel about a variety of matters. Tax law can impact your spousal support; estate laws can influence the most effective way to divide your property; and business laws can influence your options for the family business.

Know the key players in the system: Each judge operates in a slightly different way, and there are often slight variations between courts. An experienced family law attorney should know the judges in your area, understand how the local courts operate and know what to expect from the opposing counsel.

Understand what you need: Each person who is working through the divorce process will have different expectations of his or her family law attorney. An effective lawyer is typically skilled at understanding clients and providing them with the information and support they need to move forward.

Source: Huffington Post, "11 Things All Good Divorce Lawyers Need To Know," Henry Gornbein, May 23, 2012

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