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June 2012 Archives

Do you know the financial burdens you'll face after divorce? Part 2.

In our last post, we talked about the financial and emotional tolls people face after divorce. Although many people in Clark County expect to feel emotionally drained when they are getting divorced, fewer people know what to expect with regard to their finances.

Protecting your finances when you're divorcing as a senior

In Washington, a growing trend known as "Gray Divorce" is taking rise among America's older generations. Gray divorce refers to older couples in or nearing their retirement years who decide to get divorced after years, often decades, of marriage.

Do you know the financial burdens you'll encounter after divorce?

If you are thinking about getting divorced, you've likely thought about the impact it will have on your life. What areas of your life do you think will be impacted the most? For some people in Clark County, divorce takes the biggest on their emotional well-being. For other people, divorce hits the bank account with the most vengeance.

The right parenting move when kids want to move out after divorce

Most parents like to think that they know what's best for their children. However, in the aftermath of divorce, children may have an unusual amount of say in the circumstances of their lives. Teenagers, for example, often have a say in where they live, and if they prefer, they may be able to change those living arrangements by leaving one parent for the other.

Protecting the kids during divorce battles in Washington

Any married person is sure to struggle with wading through the uncertainties and emotional strife during divorce. But if that person is a parent, there are other concerns that can supersede their personal needs. Self-care and your own mental health are important considerations, but a child's mental development can be put at risk by a rigorous, stressful divorce, and parents are largely the ones who control of that.

3 lessons Clark County folks can learn from celebrity divorces

Few people think of celebrities as people who have relationships that we want to emulate. Many people in Clark County watch as movie stars host one million-dollar wedding after another. In their pre-married bliss, celebrities claim that they've found the person they're going to spend eternity with. After a year or so, tabloids start circulating divorce rumors, and a short time after that, the couple issues a statement about their divorce.

What happens to assets when baby boomers divorce in retirement?

Getting divorced in your fifties or later presents a unique set of circumstances. Some things can make the process easier. Many couples have fully grown children and don't have to grapple over child custody or child support, which can make divorce proceedings particularly tenuous and, many times, drawn out.

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