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Tactics for divorcing a bully

If you are facing a divorce from a difficult spouse, you do not have to surrender your emotional and financial assets during the split. Experts say that if you are attempting to break up with a bully, you might need to prepare with many of the same strategies used in military campaigns. Washington couples with a cut-throat partner could require extra assistance to get through the divorce process.

For some individuals, "winning" the divorce will be more significant than simply obtaining financial or legal benefits. These people are the types who rise to the very top of the career hierarchy because they enjoy playing games with others; they will view their divorce in the same light. If you are not in physical danger, but you expect that your divorce will be difficult, take some preliminary steps to protect yourself and your children.

First, if you do not have a significant amount of your own money in the bank, start saving. Divorce is a frustrating process that requires financial assets. The most successful spouses, particularly women, are those who have access to their own funds. These partners are not subject to the same amount of stress and pressure that can afflict their financially strapped counterparts.

Divorcing a bully also requires extra diligence. Be sure you have copies of every critical document, from bank statements to loan documents and other financial records. Your banking institution can provide you with copies of all requisite forms before you begin your divorce. Overlooking this crucial step means that you are heading into the breakup with little knowledge of your financial situation.

Finally, spouses should remember to close all joint accounts and begin to establish credit in their own names. This may take some time, but it will help build financial independence that will be critical for your future.

If you are struggling with your finances thanks to a divorce, consider seeking the assistance of a qualified family attorney and financial planner. These professionals can help you learn more about your rights during and after your breakup.

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