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Considerations for dividing up the house in a divorce

Washington residents who are in the midst of a divorce or have yet to legalize a separation may be susceptible to encountering several hardships in the short- and long-term future when it comes to deciding what happens to the marital home. Credit advisers say that one of the easiest ways to avoid potential problems is to provide lenders with enough documentation to help clear up any discrepancies that arise in the loan process.

Beyonce's father involved in paternity suit

Washington readers who follow celebrity news may be interested to know that Mathew Knowles, father of pop singer Beyonce, has been named in a second paternity suit. This time it's a 30-year-old Houston woman who claims Knowles is the father of her daughter. The woman is asking for child support and legal fees.

Ensuring a secure retirement after a divorce

Increasingly, older couples in Washington and throughout the country are seeking divorces. The phenomenon known as "gray divorce" refers to people over 50 who are divorcing after years of marriage. Because these happen later in life, it becomes particularly important for individuals to safeguard the assets that will see them through their retirement. There are a number of mistakes people sometimes make that prevent this. Many individuals do not realize that money in retirement accounts accumulated after marriage is usually considered joint property.

Wife to pay husband's attorneys' fees

Residents of Washington may be interested in a recent news article that highlighted the divorce of the former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The ruling, filed tentatively on June 24 by a Superior Court judge, states that the wife must pay the husband's legal fees, and those fees add up to about $1.9 million. The decision will become final unless objections are filed by the wife's attorneys within 15 days of the verdict.

Pet custody issues for divorcing couples

Washington couples may be interested in an article discussing how courts deal with pet custody during divorces. When a pet-owning couple gets a divorce, the law generally lumps the pet in with other personal property during the asset division phase. This means that, legally, a pet is no different from a couch or an automobile. However, some courts are beginning to recognize the special place that a pet has and are finding that they belong somewhere in between common personal property and children.

'Conscious uncoupling' more than just a phrase

Gwyneth Paltrow's announcement that she and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin will engage in a "conscious uncoupling" was likely met with genuine dismay and a sense of annoyance. Paltrow already has a reputation in Hollywood, and possibly among fans, for thinking that she is better than others, so the "uncoupling" title probably is not doing her any favors.

Recently divorced? Here are a few tips to help you move forward

When a couple marries, both people usually believe it will last forever. That's a very long time, and for many couples, it's simply too long. A divorce can be financially, emotionally and mentally draining. A good support system of family, friends and perhaps even therapists can help you get started in the right direction. However, here are a few more tips to help those who have recently divorced find some sort of order again in their lives.

Improving economy may be the reason for increasing divorce rate

The year after the economic recession hit in 2008, the divorce rate the next year plunged to a 40-year low. This is according to a University of Arizona's professor of economics. According to the Census Bureau, the number of new households was under 400,000 in 2009, but there have been 5.3 million total in the last four years.

Do you need a prenuptial agreement before your wedding?

Let's face it. Discussing how your assets will be split if your marriage is headed for divorce court is not a topic you want to discuss prior to your wedding. However, a prenuptial agreement could be just as important as your marriage certificate - although it could be difficult to see that right now.

How does parenting time and step-parenting time really differ?

Ever since Cinderella, stepparents have been thrown into a negative light. The wicked stepmother has long been an image that many kids and even adults associate with growing up in homes where a divorce or separation has occurred. However, for the men and women who find themselves acting in the role of stepparent, it can be just as difficult for them. As one mother and stepmother states, it was "the most challenging thing" she had ever done.

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