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'Conscious uncoupling' more than just a phrase

Gwyneth Paltrow's announcement that she and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin will engage in a "conscious uncoupling" was likely met with genuine dismay and a sense of annoyance. Paltrow already has a reputation in Hollywood, and possibly among fans, for thinking that she is better than others, so the "uncoupling" title probably is not doing her any favors.

For divorced parents, social media ground rules crucial

When parents divorce there are many matters that must be considered and sorted out. One issue that is often overlooked, but potentially problematic, is how each parent uses social media and if shared children will or should be referenced on social media websites such as Facebook.

Insurance considerations for divorcing couples and parents

Couples who divorce must settle and determine many details. The divorce process can be complex and there are often important considerations that divorcing couples overlook. For example, the various types of necessary insurance are often overlooked when couples are working through a divorce settlement.

Baby boomer divorce presents challenges for grown children

Adults in their thirties and forties most likely have parents who are included in the nearly 80 million baby boomers. In recent years, a growing number of baby boomer couples have decided to divorce. In fact, an estimated 60 percent of the one out of every three boomers who are unmarried are actually divorced.

Divorce - children and stepparents

When parents divorce oftentimes one or both will eventually remarry. Not only can adjusting to a new stepparent be difficult for the children involved, it can also be extremely difficult for the ex-spouse. It's important, however, for ex-spouses to keep their own insecurities and personal feelings in check when dealing with a stepparent.

Parents in bitter divorce must work out custody agreements

When a couple who has children together divorce, matters related to child custody must be worked out. In a perfect world, divorcing couples would be able to amicably come to an agreement regarding primary custody, visitation and child support. In reality, however, child custody matters are often fueled with conflict and disagreement.

Divorcing parents should collaborate for sake of children

Divorces are typically wrought with conflict. Couples who have decided to end their marriage likely have many feelings associated with their soon-to-be ex-spouse related to anger, sadness and regret. While it's easy to get bogged down by these negative emotions, when a couple has children it's best for everyone involved to work together to come to an agreeable divorce settlement.

Understanding child custody options during a Clark County divorce

Most divorcing spouses enter their divorce proceedings with solid goals regarding child custody. Many parents in Washington opt to pursue sole custody of their children at the outset of the proceedings, but although this is a common approach, it isn't always a well-informed one.

Who pays for your child's college expenses after divorce?

When couples are working through a divorce, they often think about how they will split the assets and the debts they already have. But how many couples think about debt that will be acquired in the future? If you have children and you and your ex are planning on paying for a portion of your child's college education, make sure that is detailed in your divorce decree.

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