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Holidays present opportunities for divorced parents

The holiday season can be a particularly stressful and harried time for any family. Families of divorce, however, are especially likely to experience holiday stress. Children in particular may find adjusting to new holiday traditions of separate households difficult and long for the security and comfort of past holidays enjoyed as an intact family.

Divorced parents often worry needlessly about children

Many couples who divorce carry around feelings of guilt and regret. The nagging thoughts that an individual could have or should have done something differently to save their marriage are often magnified when there are children involved. Contrary to popular belief, however, the vast majority of children with divorced parents are normal and thriving.

Divorced parents who overspend on child do harm

Disagreements about money are often leading sources of conflict in a marriage and can be a major contributor to a divorce. When parents split and must co-parent, squabbles over money and how best to manage finances may continue to be a point of contention.

Divorced parents need to set appropriate boundaries

Parents who divorce face many additional challenges. Divorce presents a time of great change for an entire family and children are often most impacted. Suddenly, not only is one parent likely not around as much, but they are also subject to changes in living arrangements and burdened with additional familial responsibilities. While some changes are necessary, it's important that parents set appropriate expectations and boundaries and ultimately allow kids to be kids.

Children and divorce - tips for parents

Divorce presents an enormous change for everyone involved. Parents often worry about the long-lasting negative impact divorce may have on their children. Experts, however, believe that the majority of children are able to adjust to their new family situation without experiencing much difficulty. Typically, children of parents who follow certain codes of conduct related to their divorce fare much better.

Practical advice for divorced parents

Many divorced parents will admit to having a lot of guilt and regret associated with their divorce. Of course parents want what's best for their children, and many may question how their divorce will adversely impact their children's lives. While these feelings are completely normal, it's important for parents to address and move beyond them in healthy ways.

Ways to help children understand and navigate divorce

Parents who chose to divorce often have many concerns over the wellbeing of their children. Divorce presents a great time of change and adjustment for all family members. There are, however, several things parents can do to help children deal with the myriad of emotions they are likely to experience.

The right parenting move when kids want to move out after divorce

Most parents like to think that they know what's best for their children. However, in the aftermath of divorce, children may have an unusual amount of say in the circumstances of their lives. Teenagers, for example, often have a say in where they live, and if they prefer, they may be able to change those living arrangements by leaving one parent for the other.

Protecting the kids during divorce battles in Washington

Any married person is sure to struggle with wading through the uncertainties and emotional strife during divorce. But if that person is a parent, there are other concerns that can supersede their personal needs. Self-care and your own mental health are important considerations, but a child's mental development can be put at risk by a rigorous, stressful divorce, and parents are largely the ones who control of that.

Understanding child custody options during a Clark County divorce

Most divorcing spouses enter their divorce proceedings with solid goals regarding child custody. Many parents in Washington opt to pursue sole custody of their children at the outset of the proceedings, but although this is a common approach, it isn't always a well-informed one.

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