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Deion Sanders and wife turn to court to decide child custody

When celebrities divorce, the details of their marriage and what lead to their eventual split are often fodder for the tabloids. Regardless of fame or wealth, these couples often experience many of the same difficulties as all divorcing couples when it comes to dealing with matters related to division of assets, child custody and spousal support.

Co-parenting advice for parents of teenagers

Divorced parents often put a lot of thought and effort into making sure a shared child feels loved and doted on by both parents. Once the terms of a child custody agreement are worked out, parents must then work towards the future and realize that modifications may be necessary as a child ages.

How to overcome co-parenting communication challenges

When a marriage ends and a couple chooses to file for divorce, both individuals often harbor some hostility towards each other. While some couples have the luxury of divorcing and never having to speak or see one another again, couples with children don't have the option of severing all ties with an ex-spouse.

Teens more impacted by divorce than parents think

Parents who divorce often worry about how the divorce will impact the lives of their children. Of particular concern, is how young children will be impacted. It's often, however, teenage children that have the most difficulty making sense of and dealing with change when parents divorce.

Divorced parents who overspend on child do harm

Disagreements about money are often leading sources of conflict in a marriage and can be a major contributor to a divorce. When parents split and must co-parent, squabbles over money and how best to manage finances may continue to be a point of contention.

Holiday coping tips for newly divorced parents

Many parents find the holidays stressful. For newly divorced parents, however, feelings of stress and anxiety related to the approaching holiday season are well warranted. While the memories and traditions of Thanksgiving and Christmas times past may sadden divorced parents, it's important to keep in mind that divorce presents opportunities to create new traditions and memories.

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