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Posts tagged "division of assets"

Another 'Real Housewives' star embroiled in divorce

Love them or loath them, the women of the Real Housewives franchise are certainly anything but boring. While many of the women enjoy hamming it up for the cameras, several have been forced to deal with the very real and serious topic of divorce when the cameras stop rolling.

Record divorce settlement possible in oil tycoon's divorce

The divorce settlement process can be complex and lengthy. This is typically especially true when the couple involved is of considerable wealth. In most high asset divorces, both spouses attempt to take away their fair share of marital assets. The recently announced divorce of U.S. oil tycoon Harold Hamm has many family law experts speculating on whether it will yield a record divorce settlement.

Divorce: when it makes sense to move out and move on

When a couple decides to divorce, there are a number of matters which must be decided and settled. One of the most emotional and difficult decisions for many couples is what to do with a shared home. In most cases a home is the most valuable, and perhaps sentimental, asset shared by a married couple. Keeping a home, however, may not always be in a divorced individual's best interest or even a possibility for some newly single individuals.

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