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Globetrotting Dennis Rodman behind $800,000 in child support

Former basketball star Dennis Rodman has been grabbing headlines lately after his much-publicized trip to North Korea. But the political hullabaloo surrounding Rodman these days may have overshadowed a more domestic problem for the star: his unpaid child support.

The right parenting move when kids want to move out after divorce

Most parents like to think that they know what's best for their children. However, in the aftermath of divorce, children may have an unusual amount of say in the circumstances of their lives. Teenagers, for example, often have a say in where they live, and if they prefer, they may be able to change those living arrangements by leaving one parent for the other.

Protecting the kids during divorce battles in Washington

Any married person is sure to struggle with wading through the uncertainties and emotional strife during divorce. But if that person is a parent, there are other concerns that can supersede their personal needs. Self-care and your own mental health are important considerations, but a child's mental development can be put at risk by a rigorous, stressful divorce, and parents are largely the ones who control of that.

Is virtual visitation a good option for Washington parents?

For many Washington parents, child custody is a major issue during a divorce settlement. It is a known fact that within four years of a divorce, there is a 75 percent chance that one parent will relocate to another area. This often leaves a void in both the child's life and the parent's life. To help combat the effect of relocation on families who are divorced, many states are developing virtual visitation laws.

Creating new holiday traditions with your kids after divorce

This time of year is filled with traditions. Families throughout Clark County create special ways to celebrate the holidays together. Whether it's picking out the perfect Christmas tree, hanging lights or opening presents, all families have traditions. However, when families get divorced, those traditions usually change, and it's important to make sure your parenting plans accommodate for the holidays accordingly.

Child custody suggestions for Halloween

When parents in Clark County create parenting plans, there are numerous things to consider. When parents have joint child custody plans, they must determine not only where their children will spend nights during the week, but also where they will spend the holidays.

Sara Evan's ex breaks custody arrangement by bashing Evans on TV

When child custody plans are created, they are designed with the best interests of the children in mind. Many family law experts in Washington agree that parents can help their children the most by not putting them in the middle of parenting fights.

Washington family law courts reflect changing families

In the last 50 years, the traditional family in Washington has changed drastically. Traditionally, families have been made up of a mom and dad with two children, and couples rarely lived together before they were married.

Hostile ex-spouses given new venue for healthy communication

In Washington, child custody can be a big deal. Any individual that wants to avoid their ex spouse knows that a joint child custody arrangement can cause major disputes from time to time.

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