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Another 'Real Housewives' star embroiled in divorce

Love them or loath them, the women of the Real Housewives franchise are certainly anything but boring. While many of the women enjoy hamming it up for the cameras, several have been forced to deal with the very real and serious topic of divorce when the cameras stop rolling.

Court throws out prenup, declares husband committed fraud

With the national divorce rate hovering at around 50 percent, it's no wonder that many individuals approach marriage with some trepidation. When deciding to marry, there are a number of personal and financial considerations. For individuals of considerable wealth, a prenuptial agreement has long provided peace of mind that a divorce won't lead to financial ruin.

The importance of a prenuptial agreement when remarrying

With the national divorce rate hovering around 50 percent, it's somewhat surprising that so many individuals are willing to marry for a second or even third time. In fact roughly 43 percent of couples married each year have been married at least once before. Those who decide to remarry face a number of considerations.

Katie Holmes files for divorce from Tom Cruise

It is unlikely that many of our Clark County readers missed the announcement, which came through on nearly every media channel earlier this week: after five years of marriage, Katie Holmes has filed for divorce from Tom Cruise.

3 lessons Clark County folks can learn from celebrity divorces

Few people think of celebrities as people who have relationships that we want to emulate. Many people in Clark County watch as movie stars host one million-dollar wedding after another. In their pre-married bliss, celebrities claim that they've found the person they're going to spend eternity with. After a year or so, tabloids start circulating divorce rumors, and a short time after that, the couple issues a statement about their divorce.

Thinking like Batman could save your family business during divorce

When most people think about divorce, Batman is not the first thing that comes to mind. Child support, spousal support, asset division, saving the family business -- those things come to mind. But Batman? Who thinks about Batman during divorce?

Would an annulment allow Kris Humphries to profit from marriage?

When individuals get married, prenuptial agreements can protect them from the turmoil that often accompanies divorce. For most couples in Clark County, prenuptial agreements discuss the division of property, and they may include arrangements regarding spousal support or child support.

Protecting a family-run business from divorce

Although divorces can rip family-run businesses apart, individuals who take the necessary steps can help preserve their ownership of the business, and they can help ensure their businesses emerge from the separation unscathed.

Approaching prenuptial agreements in a healthy manner, part 2

We have written about prenuptial agreements in several posts. We discussed whether Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries would sign an agreement before getting married, and we wrote about what the lack of a prenuptial agreement would mean for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.

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