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Tax tips for divorced couples

It's nearly that time of year yet again; tax time. While few Washington residents look forward to filing their taxes, those who are newly divorced many find the process especially burdensome. There are, however, some basic tips divorced individuals should keep in mind when filing this year.

Getting divorced? Why you need life insurance

When a couple decides to divorce, there are a number of matters that must be sorted out and settled. Child custody, alimony and the division of assets and property are typically the main focal points of a divorce settlement. There are however, other considerations that can have an enormous financial impact including life insurance policies.

You wanted a Mother's Day present? You can give me child support.

If you've been to any large store or watched any commercials recently, you probably have a good idea of what marketers think moms want for Mother's Day. Women want flowers, candy, a dinner date or homemade gifts from the children. So why did so many mothers also give something expensive on Mother's Day?

NFL star hopes to modify child support, alimony award

With these hard economic times, many divorcing couples in Washington have faced the financial strain that divorce can pose. Divorce settlement agreements typically consider a couple's financial outlook at a single point in time.

NFL, NBA lockouts could impact child support payments

The ongoing NFL lockout could make it difficult for the some women in Washington to receive alimony and child support payments. One such individual is a nurse who relies on money supplied by NFL player Antonio Cromartie to help take care of their child.

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