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Deployed sailor ordered to show up in court

A judge has ordered a sailor from Washington to attend a child custody hearing in Michigan despite the fact that he is currently serving on board a Navy submarine in the Pacific Ocean. In addition, the judge has said she will issue a warrant for his arrest if he does not make it to the hearing because he will be in contempt of court.

Columbus Short dealing with his own real life scandal

“Scandal” star Columbus Short is embroiled in another legal matter involving an alleged physical altercation. He was previously charged with felony battery after an alleged fight in a restaurant in Los Angeles. Prosecutors claim that Short punched a man in the face; breaking his nose and leaving him unconscious.

Why you should be careful about social media use in a divorce

A generation ago, it was inconceivable that a person could communicate with thousands of people at the same time with a simple post or picture. Indeed, a number of people could be reached through email, but the advent of social media has increased the reach of communication ten-fold. Because of this, people going through a divorce (or a nasty custody dispute) may be tempted to air their dirty laundry.

Deion Sanders and wife turn to court to decide child custody

When celebrities divorce, the details of their marriage and what lead to their eventual split are often fodder for the tabloids. Regardless of fame or wealth, these couples often experience many of the same difficulties as all divorcing couples when it comes to dealing with matters related to division of assets, child custody and spousal support.

Custody battle brewing in Frankel and Hoppy divorce

When a couple of considerable wealth divorces, the divorce settlement process can be lengthy and complex. When the divorcing couple also shares children, things can quickly turn contentious as child custody disputes arise.

Mother seeks change to custody agreement for ill son

One mother is coping with a difficult situation that most parents would find unimaginable. Her 12-year-old son was diagnoses with a rare neurological disease, which has becoming progressively more debilitating over time. His condition changes minute to minute, she says, and his health is changed very quickly by the condition. He had been treated in hospice, and is now at home.

Putting children first when deciding child custody matters

It's often portrayed as part of the American dream. A couple meets and falls in love, marries and buys a home and has children. The assumption is then that the couple and their children live happily ever after. In reality, however, many couples divorce and the ensuing legal child custody battles can cause deep emotion pain for all involved parties.

Parents in bitter divorce must work out custody agreements

When a couple who has children together divorce, matters related to child custody must be worked out. In a perfect world, divorcing couples would be able to amicably come to an agreement regarding primary custody, visitation and child support. In reality, however, child custody matters are often fueled with conflict and disagreement.

Actress who lost custody of children, fears the worst

When couples with children divorce, the child custody matters that follow can be complex and wrought with emotion and conflict. In most cases, divorce judges try to ensure both parents are allowed as much time with the child or children as possible. Establishing a child custody agreement that enables both parents to see their children as much as possible not only benefits each parent, but ultimately also the children.

Military parents often penalized in child custody matters

The men and women who serve in our country's military sacrifice much. Multiple deployments and stress associated with time apart, often leads to divorce among military couples. When a spouse is in the military, issues related to divorce and child custody matters are more complex and confusing and often end up penalizing the serving parent.

Four rules of negotiating child custody

We've all read the headlines or seen the movies where a divorcing couple is locked in a bitter and drawn-out child custody battle. It turns out that most divorcing couples are actually able to agree on child custody terms, with more than 50 percent of custody matters being settled by the parents working together.

Is virtual visitation a good option for Washington parents?

For many Washington parents, child custody is a major issue during a divorce settlement. It is a known fact that within four years of a divorce, there is a 75 percent chance that one parent will relocate to another area. This often leaves a void in both the child's life and the parent's life. To help combat the effect of relocation on families who are divorced, many states are developing virtual visitation laws.

Protecting child custody rights for military personnel

A proposed bill would provide greater child custody rights for active military personnel, giving them a greater chance of retaining partial or sole custody of their children in the event of a divorce.

Mistakes Washington parents make during child custody discussions

There is a common misconception that women have an advantage over men in child custody cases, and in some cases, this could be true. To some degree, the outcome of a child custody case depends on the biases and perceptions of a judge, many of whom hold to the traditional belief that children are better off in the care of their mothers following a divorce.

Protecting the child custody rights of deployed service members

Once a child custody dispute has been resolved, it is difficult to get a court to change that arrangement. This is particularly true in Washington where the law imposes a presumption in favor of continuing the custodial continuity under the existing parenting plan. Unfortunately, that presumption and the practical difficulty of changing an existing court order frequently combine to put military service members who face deployments at an unfair disadvantage in child custody cases.

Kelsey Grammer reaches custody agreement with ex-wife

After a long and bitter battle over the custody of their children, actor Kelsey Grammer and his ex-wife, reality television star Camille Grammer , have reportedly reached a child custody agreement. The couple has yet to reach an agreement regarding the division of their finances, which some predict will be the most contentious of the couple's negotiations.

Parents lose custody of 3 kids who were starved to prevent fatness

It doesn't matter what media you turn to, it seems as though every company and celebrity is pushing weight loss methods. Typically, the advertisements in Washington are geared toward adults, and the messaging implies that being slender will help you find the perfect mate, achieve higher professional success and be generally happier.

Halle Berry prevails in dispute over custody of daughter

Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry has prevailed in court over her ex-boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry, on some disputed issues in the ongoing child custody battle over their 3-year-old child. The couple's daughter, Nahla, is currently with her father while Berry is off making a movie. Washington state fans of the actress have followed the ongoing child custody dispute closely.

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