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Deployed sailor ordered to show up in court

A judge has ordered a sailor from Washington to attend a child custody hearing in Michigan despite the fact that he is currently serving on board a Navy submarine in the Pacific Ocean. In addition, the judge has said she will issue a warrant for his arrest if he does not make it to the hearing because he will be in contempt of court.

Tips for resolving summer parenting time disputes

Now that Memorial Day weekend has passed, many children’s sights are set on the last day of school. After the school year ends, kids have a sense of freedom that comes only once a year. However, the summer vacation period may be ripe for disputes between parents. In these instances, parents may not be thinking of their children’s welfare, or their summer experiences. Because of this, we offer a few helpful tips in order to resolve disputes.

Appeals court rules in favor of Jason Patric in custody fight

Actor Jason Patric recently won a major victory in his child custody case when a California appeals court judge ruled that a statute written to prevent sperm donors from later seeking custody of a child did not prevent him from seeking custody based on a familial relationship. The ruling allows Patric to go back to the trial court so that he can articulate the facts that show that he should be properly evaluated as a father to the child. 

Columbus Short dealing with his own real life scandal

“Scandal” star Columbus Short is embroiled in another legal matter involving an alleged physical altercation. He was previously charged with felony battery after an alleged fight in a restaurant in Los Angeles. Prosecutors claim that Short punched a man in the face; breaking his nose and leaving him unconscious.

Why you should be careful about social media use in a divorce

A generation ago, it was inconceivable that a person could communicate with thousands of people at the same time with a simple post or picture. Indeed, a number of people could be reached through email, but the advent of social media has increased the reach of communication ten-fold. Because of this, people going through a divorce (or a nasty custody dispute) may be tempted to air their dirty laundry.

'Conscious uncoupling' more than just a phrase

Gwyneth Paltrow's announcement that she and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin will engage in a "conscious uncoupling" was likely met with genuine dismay and a sense of annoyance. Paltrow already has a reputation in Hollywood, and possibly among fans, for thinking that she is better than others, so the "uncoupling" title probably is not doing her any favors.

Supreme Court rules for parent who fled child custody order

Child custody cases are often complicated. When a parent takes a child out of the country against the wishes of the other parent and the court, though, it can be the beginning of a nightmare for the parent who is left behind. There are several countries that honor the Hague Convention, which requires that a child be returned to his or her country if there is a standing court order.

Bills stall in Legislature on rapists' parental rights

Consider this scenario: A woman is a victim of a sexual assault. She becomes pregnant because of that crime. Her attacker files for custody or visitation of the child. The judge awards visitation along with an order to pay child support. While this may sound absurd, it is allowed in many states, including Washington. Two bills have been introduced to address this and other issues, but both have stalled.

Judge: Child custody does not require medical marijuana treatment

In a Washington state Superior Court ruling, a man will be allowed custody of his infant daughter without completing a drug treatment program for his medical marijuana use. The Department of Social and Health Services has said that it will not challenge the Superior Court's reversal of a ruling from a lower court that ordered the man to complete an inpatient drug treatment program before custody of his 16-month old daughter would be awarded to him.

Paternity testing offered by clinic amid allegations of tampering

When a woman visits a fertility clinic, she has a belief that the procedures she will undergo will be handled correctly and confidentially. However, when someone intentionally alters the results of a procedure, lives can be forever affected. This is what is alleged to have occurred at a fertility clinic at the University of Utah more than two decades ago.

Actress gives advice to divorced parents

Many Washington residents may be familiar with the popular sitcom "The Big Bang Theory." Though she plays a comical role on television, Mayim Bialik, one of the show's stars, is recently divorced, and revealed on her blog that parenting after her divorce has been challenging. The couple was married for nine years before they split, and have two children. The parents have shared child custody, but that doesn't make the separate parenting time any easier.

Colorado court ruling puts same-sex couples on common ground

In Washington and all across the country, separated and divorced same-sex couples are challenging the current laws that deny a non-biological parent custody of a child conceived during the couple's time together. While same-sex couples are allowed a civil union in Colorado, marriages are still not allowed.

Woman wants second paternity test from real estate magnate

Paternity tests use DNA to determine whether or not a man is the father of a child or children. The science behind such testing is quite impressive, with most testing proving paternity at a probability of 99 percent. While our Washington readers may not travel to New York City frequently, they may be interested in a paternity case out of the Big Apple.

Lab technician accused of faking paternity result

In a truly bizarre case, a lab technician has been accused of creating false results for the paternity test of a school district trustee. Paternity DNA testing can be a controversial issue, but in many child support and child custody cases, it can prove to be the deciding factor. Any case which calls into question the authority of the testing or of the lab protocols is of concern.

Provide for the holidays in child custody agreements

Now that the Washington weather has cooled, it is time to start thinking about the holiday season. It always seems to sneak up quickly after Halloween, and it can't hurt to review the existing child custody agreement for the holidays or take the time to create one. By thinking ahead, last-minute legal arrangements can be avoided during this already stressful season.

Grandparents' rights an aspect to remember

With so much for Vancouver couples to remember during the divorce process, the effects the divorce has on the family as a whole may begin to take a backseat to other issues. However, grandparents' rights can be made a part of the child custody arrangements. For couples with a particularly contentious relationship, their parents may be concerned about their ability to continue to foster a relationship with their grandchildren. By including this detail in the arrangement, this concern can be remedied.

When grandparents fill the parents' role

There are a number of reasons why a grandparent may be raising a grandchild. In some cases, it is due to drug or alcohol abuse. Other times, the parent may be in prison. There may have been allegations of child neglect or abuse that brought the grandchildren into the grandparent's home. Whatever the cause, the fact is that more and more grandparents are filling the parent's role in their grandchildren's lives.

Avoid being a Super Parent after divorce

As a Washington parent who has just gone through a divorce, you may be wondering how to maximize your parenting time with your kids. After the child custody agreement has been hammered out, it may take some time to adjust to the new living situation. Chances are that you are feeling at least some measure of guilt for your children's experience during the break-up. You may already be aware that retail therapy is not the way to win your kids' affections, but do you have the fortitude to resist the temptation to become a Super Parent? Over-extending yourself to over-parent your kids in the wake of a divorce can be harmful, not helpful.

Tackling 'Back to School Night' with your ex

Co-parenting can be a challenge even under the best circumstances, but the beginning of the school year can be particularly difficult for parents who are sharing child custody. When they get the fliers advertising for Back to School Night, they may feel overwhelmed and full of dread; after all, they have just spent several weeks making sure their children were equipped with the necessary supplies needed for the school year. Back to School Night can be a drain for parents, but Washington couples can put an even bigger burden on their child if they insist on splitting the experience in two. Instead, try to get along with your ex for the few minutes your child needs to show off his or her new classroom.

Helping your tween though divorce

Most parents acknowledge that their children will experience a divorce right along with their parents. What you might not know is that children in the "tween" stage - ages 9 to 12 - are among the most vulnerable to the stresses of family change. Experts say children in this age range are generally going through a tumultuous growth period for their bodies, emotions and intellect. As a result, these children need to be carefully monitored and cared for during the dissolution of your marriage.

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