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Social media used against those who do not pay child support

Single parents in Washington might have trouble paying bills and supporting a child if they are not getting court-ordered monthly payments from the other parent, and social media websites are now helping investigators find people who fail to pay child support despite having enough funds to do so. The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office uses Facebook, Instagram and other social media websites to gather evidence about those who are delinquent on child support payments. Those who lack the funds to make payments are not in trouble, but it is a crime to deliberately skip at least four months of payment. Those who chose not to pay when they are able could face felony charges.

NBA star asks for sole custody of daughter

In a case that Washington family advocates are following closely, basketball superstar Paul George is undergoing a paternity test to see if he is the father of a young child and will request sole custody if the results are positive. The mother, who is from New York City, originally asked for sole custody and claimed the NBA player's travel schedule was a negative factor.

Can mothers be ordered to pay child support in Washington state?

If you are a working woman and are locked in a dispute over custody of your children and child support is also an issue, the matter involving actress Halle Berry should be of some interest to you. The Oscar-award winning actress recently resolved her longstanding dispute over child support with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.

While paying for child care may be difficult after divorce

These days, financial advisors recommend that new parents start saving for college as soon as they can. Basically, the sooner the parents begin saving, the more the compound interest will help defray the costs of a future college education. However, there are significant barriers that parents will have to navigate; with one of them being the costs of child care.

Tiger Wood's ex-fling allegedly owes thousands in child support

There are some parents in Washington State who owe thousands of dollars in back child support. Normally, these parents fall into one of two categories: those who are financially unable to pay support and those who refuse to pay support. In most cases, you would expect someone famous -- or even infamous -- to keep current on his or her child support payments. One such person has made the list of the most wanted deadbeat parents in Washington State.

Divorcing dads: Don't make these common child support mistakes

Divorce can bring out a lot of emotions: Sadness, anger and resentment are just a few. Unfortunately, giving into these emotions can end up costing a divorcing dad a lot more than just higher litigation costs during the court proceedings. Here are some very common mistakes that divorcing dads often make, especially when it comes to child support and visitation.

DNA test results could relieve some men of child support

Child support is paid by a non-custodial parent, but what happens when a man paying child support is not actually a child's father? The current law in Washington allows men to challenge paternity within four years. Paternity is assumed if a couple was married about the time a child was born.

Paternity testing offered by clinic amid allegations of tampering

When a woman visits a fertility clinic, she has a belief that the procedures she will undergo will be handled correctly and confidentially. However, when someone intentionally alters the results of a procedure, lives can be forever affected. This is what is alleged to have occurred at a fertility clinic at the University of Utah more than two decades ago.

Rapper wants court to acknowledge he is father of baby girl

Paternity can be established in many ways in Washington State. According to the Department of Social and Health Services, paternity can be established through marriage or a registered domestic partnership with the mother, by signing a Paternity Acknowledgement form with the mother or by a court order.

Sheen unhappy over holiday plans, wants to lower child support

Charlie Sheen doesn't stay out of the media's attention for long. According to the former "Two and a Half Men" star, he's been asked to stay away from his ex-wife and their two children when they travel for the holidays. His ex-wife, Denise Richards, strongly denies these accusations, saying that he was welcome to join them.

Woman wants second paternity test from real estate magnate

Paternity tests use DNA to determine whether or not a man is the father of a child or children. The science behind such testing is quite impressive, with most testing proving paternity at a probability of 99 percent. While our Washington readers may not travel to New York City frequently, they may be interested in a paternity case out of the Big Apple.

Pursuing back child support a national problem

Washington state parents may find themselves struggling over the issue of child support, which can be contentious in a divorce or in a break up. Across the nation, there are billions of dollars in back child support, a telling fact that many parents are not paying as they are ordered to be. Additionally, many custodial parents do not know how to pursue the other parent if they have not been keeping up their end of their child support payments.

Lab technician accused of faking paternity result

In a truly bizarre case, a lab technician has been accused of creating false results for the paternity test of a school district trustee. Paternity DNA testing can be a controversial issue, but in many child support and child custody cases, it can prove to be the deciding factor. Any case which calls into question the authority of the testing or of the lab protocols is of concern.

Child's financial aid status may be seriously affected by divorce

Divorce changes the game for many families, especially when involved children grow in age. Child support has been paid and when prospective colleges come knocking - or your child goes knocking on their doors - it's probably about time for these payments to come to an end. But isn't paying for college a kind of child support in its own way? Even if it is after the end of the support period, many parents hash out a plan to pay for college during the divorce proceedings. Usually, this is included in the divorce settlement to make sure that both parents will stick to it and may even be legally held accountable for the parameters of said plan.

Lying about a pregnancy can be considered a crime

It seems that some women are willing to break the law in order to get a payout. According to reports, there have been a number of online ads selling positive pregnancy tests, giving some individuals the ammo they need to make convincing claims about their bodies. Some women may have used this to illicit a marriage proposal, while others may have gone after support money. Regardless, fathers in Vancouver, Washington, have the right to know whether a child is on the way, or if the whole situation is a ruse. This is why using a positive pregnancy test in this way is illegal.

Sometimes child support issues aren't between parents

After the divorce is over and child support has been determined, many parents in Vancouver, Washington, have discovered that some circumstances that led to the current state of support have changed. This may mean that one of the parents has received a promotion or lost a job. It could also mean an unexpected medical condition or a new marriage. If it affects a divorced parent's finances -- regardless of what it is -- it could play a role in reconsidering the monthly payments that make up child support.

Putting child in the middle of divorce dispute is a mistake

Experts often worry that children will get caught in the middle of their parents' divorces, leaving them in an extremely vulnerable position. In the past, parents in Vancouver, Washington, have put their children in the middle of their disputes without thinking twice. Unfortunately, it is likely that this will happen in the future, too. Some have gone to court over child support issues, citing delinquent payments as the reason that the noncustodial parent is barred from seeing her or his child. Though many parents may restrict access to a child for the noncustodial parent when she or he is not doing what the courts ordered, this practice is illegal.

Should child support regulations be reformed?

Parents in the middle of a divorce can easily find themselves caught up in the legal battle, ignoring the fact that their children are more than just something to hash out in the split. The child custody determination culminates with a ruling that decides which parent will get to be the custodial guardian while the other is limited to visitation time and monthly payments of child support.

Man struggles to pay support for 22 kids

As an increased focus turns toward individuals who have not paid their overdue child support in Washington, a growing number of shocking stories are appearing throughout the nation with regard to custody and related issues. One video-gone-viral out of Nashville, Tennessee, illustrates the legal difficulty that can accompany efforts to collect child support checks from resistant parents.

Address the major costs of a child, like college, during divorce

When working on a divorce agreement, parents in Vancouver, Washington, should consider the future expenses related to their child or children. Though child support is often hammered out with due diligence, expensive portions of a child's life may be neglected in the divorce agreement. In a way, these things are part of child support and should be treated as such. Some experts even suggest taking monthly payments into an account for these major life expenses, much like some parents already do for child support.

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