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Settlement reached in Michael Moore's divorce

Washington residents who follow celebrity divorce may know that Michael Moore's divorce was finalized on July 22 in Michigan. After 22 years of marriage, Moore, 60, and his 56-year-old wife ended their marriage without going to trial although their divorce is anything but amicable.

Considerations for dividing up the house in a divorce

Washington residents who are in the midst of a divorce or have yet to legalize a separation may be susceptible to encountering several hardships in the short- and long-term future when it comes to deciding what happens to the marital home. Credit advisers say that one of the easiest ways to avoid potential problems is to provide lenders with enough documentation to help clear up any discrepancies that arise in the loan process.

Beyonce's father involved in paternity suit

Washington readers who follow celebrity news may be interested to know that Mathew Knowles, father of pop singer Beyonce, has been named in a second paternity suit. This time it's a 30-year-old Houston woman who claims Knowles is the father of her daughter. The woman is asking for child support and legal fees.

Ensuring a secure retirement after a divorce

Increasingly, older couples in Washington and throughout the country are seeking divorces. The phenomenon known as "gray divorce" refers to people over 50 who are divorcing after years of marriage. Because these happen later in life, it becomes particularly important for individuals to safeguard the assets that will see them through their retirement. There are a number of mistakes people sometimes make that prevent this. Many individuals do not realize that money in retirement accounts accumulated after marriage is usually considered joint property.

Wife to pay husband's attorneys' fees

Residents of Washington may be interested in a recent news article that highlighted the divorce of the former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The ruling, filed tentatively on June 24 by a Superior Court judge, states that the wife must pay the husband's legal fees, and those fees add up to about $1.9 million. The decision will become final unless objections are filed by the wife's attorneys within 15 days of the verdict.

Pet custody issues for divorcing couples

Washington couples may be interested in an article discussing how courts deal with pet custody during divorces. When a pet-owning couple gets a divorce, the law generally lumps the pet in with other personal property during the asset division phase. This means that, legally, a pet is no different from a couch or an automobile. However, some courts are beginning to recognize the special place that a pet has and are finding that they belong somewhere in between common personal property and children.

How you can answer tough questions about divorce

If you are going through a divorce, and you have children, it is inevitable that they will have questions about what is going on. Children are naturally curious and thrive on routine. So when uncertainty creeps into their lives and their routines are broken, questions are certain to come.

How you can answer kids' difficult questions during divorce

If you are going through a divorce, and you have children, it is inevitable that they will have questions about what is going on. Children are naturally curious and thrive on routine. So when uncertainty creeps into their lives and their routines are broken, questions are certain to come.

When you should not get a divorce

A number of articles and blog posts were written earlier this year touting how January is the most popular month for divorces to be initiated. This trend is likely driven by the need for many people to begin a new year with a new outlook. However, not many posts and articles detail the worst (or inopportune) times to call it quits. With divorce, like many things in life, timing is everything. With that said, we lay out some of the worst times to initiate a divorce.

Why more people are getting social media prenups

With today’s post, we continue our theme of social media and divorce. Yesterday, we focused on a recent study that found a correlation between the number of Facebook users in a particular state and the divorce rate. Today we will highlight the trend of social media prenuptial agreements.

Could Facebook use lead to your divorce?

Social media is designed to give people the ability to share their world with just a click of a button. By putting a single message, you can ensure that it reaches hundreds (and even thousands) of readers. While this can be amazing and more efficient to contacting people individually, it can also lead to problems in one’s life.

How parents can get along after divorce

A successful co-parenting relationship may be the furthest thing on your mind as you prepare to get divorced, but it should be. Family court judges in Washington have an expectation of divorcing parents, and those who do not live up to it run the risk of jeopardizing their ongoing relationship with their children.  Even worse, the children may be permanently affected by the ongoing war between parents.

Many questions to be answered with Shepherd prenup challenge

In last week’s post regarding the impending divorce between Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally, we did not mention much about the baby to be born between the two that is currently being carried by a surrogate mother. One of the purported reasons Sally is attempting to have the prenuptial agreement voided is that it apparently has a clause indicating that Sally agrees to have the newborn child live with Shepherd and her nine-year-old son. 

Sherri Shepherd braces for prenup battle with husband

In the latest celebrity divorce news, Sherri Shepherd, co-host of ABC’s “The View,” appears to be heading towards a split with her husband, Lamar Sally. A number of media outlets have indicated that Sally filed for legal separation in California Superior Court in Los Angeles. The reasons for the split were not disclosed, but Sally reportedly seeks sole legal and physical custody of the child he and Shepherd are expecting in July. The two have employed the services of a surrogate to carry the child, who expected to be a boy. 

Helpful pieces of advice for divorcing mothers

Since it has been said that women initiate a majority of divorces in America, it behooves us as Mother’s Day approaches to provide a post on divorce advice for moms and moms-to-be who are embroiled in disputes involving custody, child support and property division. After all, a majority of single family homes are headed by women, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Also, less than half of such women receive full and regular child support payments. There is also a notion that women do not fare as well with property division, even though it is relatively unfounded.

Sage advice for men going through divorce

Few divorce advice posts focus on the problems that men go through during a divorce. It appears as if men have no emotional or financial issues when a marriage breaks down. However, this can be no further from the truth. It is arguable that men have just as many issues during a divorce as women do. After all, men still have to be parents, they still have to maintain employment, and they have to participate in the process, which is not always easy.

Some of the best pieces of advice for divorcees

If you are considering divorce or have started the process, chances are that you have been given unsolicited advice about this time in your life. Some of it may seem cliché, while others may appear genuine and thoughtful. Regardless of what it may be, we find it interesting when our clients tell us about the advice they had received. Because of this, our latest post will be dedicated to pieces of advice that have likely made a difference in our clients’ lives, and we hope that it can be of help to you as well. 

Seahawks' quarterback Russell Wilson, wife to divorce

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has become a star. This is what commonly happens when a quarterback leads his team to a Super Bowl championship. However, as the spotlight gets brighter for athletes of his ilk, it is also expected that he will have problems in his personal life. Such was possibly the case when Wilson announced that he will be filing for divorce from his wife, Ashton.

Columbus Short dealing with his own real life scandal

“Scandal” star Columbus Short is embroiled in another legal matter involving an alleged physical altercation. He was previously charged with felony battery after an alleged fight in a restaurant in Los Angeles. Prosecutors claim that Short punched a man in the face; breaking his nose and leaving him unconscious.

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