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Posts tagged "financial infidelity"

Your finances may be disappearing at your spouse's hand

Honesty is a rare quality in people going through divorce. Yet many spouses are conned into taking their soon-to-be-exes' words at face value and assume that there's no reason to get lawyers involved. Although some divorces can be handled in that manner, it's impossible to know when your trust will be rewarded and when it will leave you burned.

Technology could make effectively hiding assets a thing of the past

Studies have shown that a lack of financial compatibility is one of the leading causes of divorce. Whether it's different opinions about how money should be spent or a lack of transparency about where it's being spent, financial honesty is critical.

Financial infidelity may be indicative of divorce

Some couples believe their spouses are cheating on them if they are secretly using joint bank accounts to purchase unnecessary items or feed unhealthy habits. If financial infidelity is occurring, it may mean that divorce is on the horizon. These feelings of betrayal and outrage occur across the country, including in Washington.

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