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Insurance and retirement needs often overlooked in divorce

Washington residents going through a divorce are often advised by a divorce attorney to get a handle on their finances. While many individuals plan for monthly expenses such as rent, food and cellphones; there are often several other important expenses that are forgotten.

Insurance considerations for divorcing couples and parents

In our last most recent post we looked at health and car insurance issues divorcing couples must consider. In this post, we'll look matters related to life and homeowners insurance as they relate to couples going through a divorce.

Insurance considerations for divorcing couples and parents

Couples who divorce must settle and determine many details. The divorce process can be complex and there are often important considerations that divorcing couples overlook. For example, the various types of necessary insurance are often overlooked when couples are working through a divorce settlement.

Can I stay on my ex's health insurance plan after our divorce?

When couples are divorcing, one of the most important things they must decide is how the property will be divided. Some assets can be divided in half, and other assets are only of interest to one spouse. But what do you do with assets that both spouses need and only one spouse can keep?

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