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Posts tagged "children of divorce"

Keep it classy: Divorce lessons from Hollywood stars

Hollywood is home to more than its fair share of divorces, many of which take place in the public eye. Celebrity divorces aren't always pretty, but they are often entertaining. And for individuals going through divorce themselves, a celebrity's divorce can provide helpful information.

Sharing custody after divorce? Co-parenting tips for parents.

Co-parenting in the aftermath of a divorce is challenging for many parents. But the real hazards rest with the children. When child custody is split between both parents, it requires balance and consistency on both sides to raise the children healthily.

Mistakes Washington parents make during child custody discussions

There is a common misconception that women have an advantage over men in child custody cases, and in some cases, this could be true. To some degree, the outcome of a child custody case depends on the biases and perceptions of a judge, many of whom hold to the traditional belief that children are better off in the care of their mothers following a divorce.

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