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NBA star asks for sole custody of daughter

In a case that Washington family advocates are following closely, basketball superstar Paul George is undergoing a paternity test to see if he is the father of a young child and will request sole custody if the results are positive. The mother, who is from New York City, originally asked for sole custody and claimed the NBA player's travel schedule was a negative factor.

Nurse's error spawns paternity questions, divorce proceedings

Prospective Washington parents who used artificial insemination may be interested in this cautionary story about a California couple who were incorrectly told by a nurse after the birth of their child that blood tests done on the baby indicated the baby's father was not the woman's husband. The couple was devastated by this announcement, and wrongly deduced that the doctor who artificially inseminated the woman had used sperm from another man.

Paternity testing offered by clinic amid allegations of tampering

When a woman visits a fertility clinic, she has a belief that the procedures she will undergo will be handled correctly and confidentially. However, when someone intentionally alters the results of a procedure, lives can be forever affected. This is what is alleged to have occurred at a fertility clinic at the University of Utah more than two decades ago.

Rapper wants court to acknowledge he is father of baby girl

Paternity can be established in many ways in Washington State. According to the Department of Social and Health Services, paternity can be established through marriage or a registered domestic partnership with the mother, by signing a Paternity Acknowledgement form with the mother or by a court order.

Woman wants second paternity test from real estate magnate

Paternity tests use DNA to determine whether or not a man is the father of a child or children. The science behind such testing is quite impressive, with most testing proving paternity at a probability of 99 percent. While our Washington readers may not travel to New York City frequently, they may be interested in a paternity case out of the Big Apple.

Lab technician accused of faking paternity result

In a truly bizarre case, a lab technician has been accused of creating false results for the paternity test of a school district trustee. Paternity DNA testing can be a controversial issue, but in many child support and child custody cases, it can prove to be the deciding factor. Any case which calls into question the authority of the testing or of the lab protocols is of concern.

Lying about a pregnancy can be considered a crime

It seems that some women are willing to break the law in order to get a payout. According to reports, there have been a number of online ads selling positive pregnancy tests, giving some individuals the ammo they need to make convincing claims about their bodies. Some women may have used this to illicit a marriage proposal, while others may have gone after support money. Regardless, fathers in Vancouver, Washington, have the right to know whether a child is on the way, or if the whole situation is a ruse. This is why using a positive pregnancy test in this way is illegal.

DNA tests can resolve a paternity dispute

When a child is born into this world, the biological fact of the matter is that she or he has both a mother and a father. But some children do not have a father around when they are born and this can be for a number of reasons. Some fathers do not want to have a child. Other fathers are left in the dark about the newborn. There are also situations where the mother may not know who the father is. Each of these situations can instigate a paternity dispute. If this occurs, it would be in the best interests of all involved parties to participate in the process.

Paternity leave underscores importance of fatherhood

Maternity leave is something familiar to workers across the state of Washington. But paternity leave may be something new. During paternity leave, a new father is allowed to take time off from work in order to spend time with a newborn child. Like maternity leave, this period gives fathers some quality time to get to know their new baby. Even though this may sound like an extremely sought-after benefit, recent reports indicate that men who are offered the benefit rarely take it in full, at least here in the U.S.

Paternity testing for pregnant woman now easier

In past years, women and men in the state of Washington who questioned the paternity of a child typically had to wait until the child was actually born to definitively determine the father's identity. Today, new technology has been developed making paternity testing before a child is born easy and risk-free.

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